Endodontics is a surgical procedure which involves the pulp or the root of the tooth that needs repair or otherwise known as root canal procedure. When the teeth are severely damaged, the nerves or pulp needs to be removed. The tooth can be retrained for longer periods with the help of endodontics and reconstructive procedures. Once the inside or pulp of the tooth is removed and filled, the tooth can be retained for many years by reconstructing the tooth with a post and crown.

Below are some variations of root canal procedure:

  • Pulpotomy— Extraction of infected portion of the pulp to preserve the surrounding healthy tissues.
  • Apicoectomy— This process is also known as a root-end resection. There are instances where a root canal alone will not be enough to relieve pain. Hence, the end of the tooth, called the apex, will be removed by entering through the gingiva and surgically extracting the diseased material.

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